Business Books that Have Changed My Life, Work and Mindset

For the book nerd in me, those “voices” in my head are usually audio books – and a lot of them! And as a traveled across the world via planes, trains and automobiles in 2017, I had plenty of time to consume those crucial books that have shaped the knowledge and strategy around my businesses. So – here they are. The very best business books I read in 2017 and how each one did a little something different for me.

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Anna Grymes
Nonstop Partying, and Embracing the Power of Habits as a Path to Personal Improvement

The title of this blog sounds a little bit like something you’d see on the endcap of the “self-help” section of your area Barnes and Noble... gone wrong. But when you’re starting a business and exposing yourself to endless hours of solitude the concepts of entrepreneurship and self-improvement carry blurred boundaries. And for some, life-changing breakthroughs come with 60 nights of nonstop partying. Who knew?!

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