Why Your 2019 Business Resolutions Suck

New year’s resolutions are a lot like visiting a psychic, if you’ve ever wandered into one of these red-lit establishments after a particularly eventful happy hour. They usually yield questions of whether or not you’ll finally find that 6 foot plus intellectual with an eight pack, how many pounds you’ll drop or be able to lift by the end of the year, and if you’ll be rolling in the actual dough this year as opposed to just licking it off the spoon from your holiday cookie mixing bowl.


And it’s no different for entrepreneurs.


With the lack of predictability in our work, we want ALL the answers come January 1. Will we finally hit that $10K month or $100K month? Will it get easier? Will our businesses even survive? << Stress spiral engage >>


And then we pin all the motivational quotes, jot down a few outlandish goals that we have no clue how to reach, and scream “YASSSS… 2019 IS MY YEAR – I’M ALREADY MANIFESTING IT!”


Until we’re…… not.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about positive visualization, goal setting, and dare I even say, manifestation! But as a coach, strategist and once Fortune 500 corporation manager I know it’s all about a plan of action to get from burn out to billionaire… not a list of resolutions in an Instagram caption.


And from that experience, I know that most business resolutions suck. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Set the stage for 2019 right now – in a way that won’t have you screaming the same dreams and aspirations come 2020.


1.     You’re not quantifying your goals like you’re a mathlete.


When I wanted to start a company and quit my job on Wall Street, I watched so many people like me make bold statements about their desires to bring in the big bucks and tell their boss to shove it, but the Capricorn in me needed a solid plan.


That plan looked a lot like an Excel nerd’s dream. Spreadsheets on spreadsheets with clear deadlines for the different stages of my business development, clear month over month earnings goals, a very specific number for the hefty nest egg I wanted in the bank to feel comfortable peace-ing out on my cushy corporate job.


And I looked at it… every. day. If you can’t drill down your 2019 business goals down to how much profit your company will be putting in the bank on March 15, 2019 (or any other date during the year)… it’s time to put your goal setting hat on, and whip out the calculator.


2.     You’re unsure of the end game… and how that will impact the world.


I’m shocked by how many entrepreneurs don’t really know how to answer the question, “what kind of impact are you looking to make in your business?” Most people can tell you how many Instagram followers they want, the car they want to buy, or the dream salary they want to bring home.


But what about your stamp on the world?


The entrepreneurs I see making the biggest impact (that in turn results in significant moves in their bank accounts and social media followings) are the ones with big dreams for how their business changes lives.


What’s your actual mission? Because a $100K month isn’t one.


3.     You don’t prioritize people – and the environment that will take you to the next level.


So few entrepreneurs are prioritizing their environments in the resolutions they set for the new year. I don’t mean the beach their laptop is collecting sand on in their Instagram photos. I mean who you surround yourself with on the regular.


The people around you, hands down, play the largest part in your critically important mindset, your overall potential for unheard-of success, and your general happiness in your daily life.


If you aren’t surrounding yourself with people doing bigger and better things than you – you won’t do bigger and better things. Period.


Create resolutions around the organizations you’ll join, the mentors you’ll seek out, and the great minds you’ll surround yourself with that will push you to a level you can’t even imagine right now.


4.     You’re creating “set it and forget it” 2019 resolutions.


If you’ve spent even the smallest amount of time as a business owner, entrepreneur or freelancer you know that it can all change with the opening of an email, the announcement of a social media update, or the altering of a policy.


If you’re creating resolutions for 2019, setting those dreams on simmer, and then walking away from the kitchen for 12 months – you’re gonna get burned!


Any good entrepreneur knows that just as quickly they evolve as business owners, the market changes, their clients grow, and things that worked last month may not work now.

Your “resolutions” should be fluid and forever changing. Yes, it’s critical to have earnings goals and specific deadlines in place to set daily intentions for your work, but if the market changes you can’t be so married to your goals that you won’t change with it.



Building something meaningful that allows you to give your gifts back to your audience and clients while also giving yourself the freedom to do what you truly love is the kind of dream people make resolutions to build every single day.


Make it real. Make it count. 2019 could be the year that changes everything.

Anna Grymes