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In January, I was terrified. I had bills to pay and a husband and 2 small kids to feed. My husband was just let go from his job due to a mental illness that he has been struggling with - he was basically immobile. I had started a digital marketing company in 2015, and had done pretty well for myself - but didn't exactly know how to scale. In fact, I thought in order to do that, I had to up my offering by going back to school, which required time and money I didn't have.

We were eating into our savings, and I was working 12-15 hour days, making $20/hour. I hardly saw my baby and toddler (even though we were in the same house), was always stressed, and although I was optimistic, I was grasping at straws. I didn't know what I was looking for, all I knew was that I was looking for a guide to help me figure out where to go.

February: Enter Anna Grymes. I jumped on a free strategy call with her and she told me the best news I had received in a long time: it didn't have to be this way. I'm a writer, at heart. I LOVE telling stories through blogs, ads, social media posts, and web copy that ignites my reader into action. But I didn't believe I could make a living doing what I love, so I was working mainly in the design of promotional materials. I liked it, but not "15-hour days" liked it.

She told me that not only would I be able to write every day, but I could make SIX FIGURES doing it. Long story short, I said yes. 

And it's true - she helped me transform my business. I'm booking strategy calls with clients every single day this week. In fact, I'm booked for next week, and it has only been two months. I worked with more clients in the last two months than I've work with during my entire digital marketing career.

But she didn't stop there. She couldn't. She cared about ME too much. She helped me see a side of myself I thought I'd never be able to nurture - the dreamer.

She helped my dreams become tangible. Dreams like world-schooling my kids, working from home and having most of the week to be with my family without distractions. She helped me heal past relationships, guide me through fears, challenged me and stretched my goals. And she still is. She is available to bounce ideas off of, strategize with and provide insight on my offer and client interactions.

Because she helped transform me, my life is changed. My husband and kids are affected. My husband is not only healthier, but he is making goals and acting on them because he sees me changing. My kids are happier, and I am happier and less stressed when I interact with them. 

If you haven't chatted with her, do it now. You won't regret it. But be warned: once you do, your life will never be the same -- it'll be better. 

Everyone needs an Anna Grymes. That's all.


Samantha kim

founder and ceo, wanderlust lawyer

Working with Anna has been such a pleasure. With her insightful business strategies and marketing ideas my new business is already reaching levels I never thought possible. Thank you, Anna.

rachel mcgloin

Entrepreneur & corporate consultant

Anna TOTALLY understood my [business] idea and summarized it in a way that made me feel optimistic and excited to move forward. I was so happy to see that someone understood the direction I was aiming for, specifically with pitching large companies.

I have done a lot of my own mindset work over the past few years, but I feel Anna's approach is so clear and refreshing, and gave me new ways of thinking about some important mindset points. People always say they know a lot when it comes to mindset, but never actually put these things into practice. Anna gave clear, simple ideas on how to do this and one particular thing sticks in my mind from this session - unless you're really excited about it, it has to be a no. YES! It all comes down to that, and I now remind myself of that all the time. I found myself in the beginning considering ideas just to get a business going in my area of teaching, but none of them lit me up until I did some more internal work about which niche I really wanted to follow. It is so important to feel passionate about what you're offering and Anna helped to remind me of that.

I feel Anna's coaching has given me a huge boost of motivation and laid out some clear, highly-effective pointers for me to follow in order to get there quicker than I anticipated.

Anna's personality, knowledge, background and approach make her stand out as an excellent coach. I knew from day one that her coaching would be something special, based on her shining personality and knowledge which came across so clearly from the beginning. I feel like she stood out from the rest, not in a way that some over-confident, intimidating coaches do, but as being so personable, humble and friendly, while still being super knowledgeable, confident and professional. I see a lot of coaches online who seem to over-compensate for something and come across as arrogant or intimidating. I didn't get that with Anna at all, and I felt like her approach was just right. She had the balance spot on! I would highly recommend this coaching to anyone looking for guidance in the beginning of their business an beyond. Thank you Anna, for this fantastic, valuable opportunity. I feel lucky to have found you.

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Sara lovelace

Social Media marketer

I was a newbie to this whole entrepreneurial world. New to starting a business, new to figuring out what my personal & business path looked like, new to selling myself, new to creating relationships online, new to charging more than $20/hour for work, and new to forging my own path armed with nothing but my own skills & confidence. Confidence which I initially lacked. 

Anna came in and changed all that. The way she speaks to her clients through Facebook lives, through pre-recorded videos, through email, and heck- even a regular Facebook post- is just so warm. She is unique in that she comes across as a wise, intelligent entrepreneur that built her own successful online business, and pairs that with an almost older-sister type of approachability. Because of this, you want to hear what she has to say, because not only do you think it’s going to help you, but you know she genuinely is looking out for your business and your own personal growth. She plays this dual role of being a business mentor and friend that you could also get mimosas with.

Anna’s program has helped me to lay the groundwork for how I want to build my business, and shape the life that I want to build with it. I’ve never been much for affirmations, meditation, vision boards, and talking about mindsets, but I put myself out there and did try all of the exercises Anna suggests, and it has genuinely opened up a whole new perspective for me. I do think differently about where I’m investing my money- whether it be in personal self care items or taking new courses that will propel my business further. I have a greater vision in my head of the life I want to design for myself, and have the confidence and motivation to make that a reality. 



How does that saying go? "When the student is ready, the teacher appears!" 

I am so glad I saw your post that day on Facebook! I really resonated with your journey and it came at the exact right time in mine! I had been looking for a coach and decided I'd chill on the search because it was getting stressful. When I got into your group, there was absolutely no pressure. You provided so much great content and spoke to each of us like you had known us for years. I didn't feel talked down to but as an equal, even though I was coming to you for guidance. You really exuded how much you care about what you do. You shared so much about yourself, I felt like we were old pals! Which usually takes a while for me, if that ever happens!

Then the CONTENT! So Much VALUE! 

I really learned so much in such a short period of time. The content was the right mix of mindset and practical information I could apply right away. Anna, you were great at pointing out my strengths and weaknesses. There were things I thought I sucked at that you helped me find confidence in. And the things that needed improvement, you showed me in a way that was so easy to understand and to put in action!

In my response to the initial post I saw, I said this would be a great start to my first full time month in business and you did not disappoint! My mindset really needed some work. I come from a background of underachievement and lack of confidence. I grew up knowing very few successful (in any sense of the word) people so my "blueprint" was all about survival, just getting by. It didn't feel right, I wanted more but had trouble believing someone like me could achieve more. In just this one month, I now have no doubt that I can achieve more and I'm ready to jump into 1-on-1 coaching with you because you've demonstrated that you have the tools, experience and knowledge to help me take my business to the next level (or next few levels).

I thought I needed a coach who struggled like me. You proved me wrong. I don't know how we connected, but we did and I'm grateful for it! My wife was even convinced the investment in the 1-on-1 coaching is worth it. I thought I was going to have to write a dissertation to get her on board but she has already witnessed change.

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I really love Anna’s program, the way she presents things, and her passion to help us to achieve our goals. I resonate with her on many levels.

I am an introvert as well, very analytical and like researching. I like helping people and since I started on the self-development path about 5 years ago, I am amazed at how much can change and how what seemed to be impossible happens without much effort.

Thank you very much for taking the time and helping us with all the extra things you think will help us.
— Natalie Zisman, Designer
I just finished week one and WOAH. ANNA. My mindset towards my business has already shifted. Seriously. I’m sitting here thinking, right now my business “model” (it’s a stretch to even call it that at this point) isn’t going to get me to my ideal lifestyle.

I’m feeling so motivated right now. I WILL work hard and bust my ass for the life I want, but I have stipulations that I will not compromise on and you helped me to clarify what that’s going to mean early enough in my business that I can easily shift my focus. WOO! THANK YOU! Can’t wait to continue this program!
— Monica Holly, Monica Holly Creative Co.

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